TheCIL Cares

When you donate to TheCIL for Ed Roberts Day, you’re not only helping us - you’re helping our neighbors, and in a time when they need help the most.

Some of our favorite restaurants and foodmakers in Oakland and Berkeley are struggling to survive in the age of Covid. Some will make it to the other side; some might not. We came up with a plan to lend them a helping hand and give our donors a delicious, memorable experience.

In place of the typical Ed Roberts Awards catered meal, donors to TheCIL can receive gift cards to some of our favorite local restaurants, as well as a gift basket loaded with 100% local foods, drinks, and treats. So far, we’ve partnered with businesses such as Comal, Proyecto Diaz Coffee, TCHO, and Oakland Honey Company. The different donation tiers are below. For larger donation amounts, the gift cards would be a great present or perk for employees, family, and friends.

$100 = 1 Gift Basket
$250 = 1 $50 Gift Card, 1 Gift Basket
$500 = 2 $50 Gift Cards, 1 Gift Basket
$1,000 = 4 $50 Gift Cards, 1 Gift Basket
$5,000 = 20 $50 Gift Cards, 1 Gift Basket
$10,000 = 40 $50 Gift Cards, 1 Gift Basket
$25,000 = 100 $50 Gift Cards, 1 Gift Basket
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